Buzz Martin the Singing Logger

Album cover of Buzz Martin (the Singing Logger) LP
Buzz Martin, the Singing Logger

Stereo R-8117
Ranwood Records

Buzz Martin is the real deal, and once the novelty of a singing logger wears off, what you have is the most genuine folk singer you’ll ever find. Buzz had a pure, authentic and downright enjoyable hillbilly sound, and being a logger by trade, he delivered an honest, poetic and usually comedic portrayal of the common working man of the western hills.

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 Bigfoot [2:16m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (4273)

Side 1:

Butterin’ Up Biscuit
(B. Martin) Raybuzz Music

Retired Song
(B. Martin) Logger Music

(B. Martin) Logger Music

Always Plenty of Water
(B. Martin) Logger Music

Calamity Train
(J. Smith) CWB, Inc.

I See Men as Trees Walking
(J. Cash) House of Cash / Fox Fanfare

Side 2:

Hillbilly Heart
(P. Graves) Cork Boot Music

Dump Truck Drivers
(B. Martin) Logger Music

My Growing Up Years
(B. Martin) Logger Music

Too Many Taverns
(P. Graves) Cork Boot Music

Snoos Song
(B. Martin) Logger Music

21 Responses to
“Martin, Buzz : The Singing Logger”

  1. collin
    collin Says:

    This album cover totally rules! It is the least extravagant, yet most effective album cover I’ve ever seen….I want to hang out with that guy

    G-MINUS-MARK Says:

    WOW that’s the album cover I’ve never seen!! I heard about those mutton chops, but they’re bigger than I ever dreamed!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Koby
    Koby Says:

    AWESOME, I have been raised from logging and it is cool there is someone who sang about this lifestyle. Wish I knew where to find more albums of his. Thanks .

  4. Vernonia Logger
    Vernonia Logger Says:

    Back when I was a kid, Buzz sang at a charity in Vernonia Oregon home of the History Channels “Ax Men”. He was a great guy….my dad a timber faller, and him talked about logging into the wee hours of the morning. Boy could Buzz drink beer and sing…the more Ole Beer he had the funnier he was….. a great entertainer…and he knew logging.

  5. Traci
    Traci Says:

    Buzz Martin was my Great Uncle I am proud to say :)

  6. D.G. Mechanic
    D.G. Mechanic Says:

    I grew up in a small Oregon town. Our football team would play Buzz’s record befor game time. We moved to Alaska to a remote logging camp where we would sing along with Buzz. I later celebrated my 19th Birthday with Buzz in attendace in Wrangell, Alaska. I still cherish our photo. He will be missed.

  7. Kenneth Yucha
    Kenneth Yucha Says:

    This was one hell of a man, and a great dad also!! His sons, Steve and Todd, were fortunate enough to have such a man in their life. Todd and Judy were quite the musical duo onstage with their dad growing up. I wish he could have been around longer, and I was sorry to hear about “Bisquit” passing away this last year, she will also be missed dearly. Buzz was my second cousin on my mom’s side of the family, and when he came to town (Aberdeen, WA) we were always in attendance to see his show. I enjoyed spending time with him at Floyd’s house when he stayed, and have fond memories and pictures of his visits. Steve carries on his dad’s songs, and he sounds identical to him.

  8. Dee Perez
    Dee Perez Says:

    I have The Singing Logger album, promotional copy. Too bad I don’t have a record player. Cool cover. I love his boots. lol

  9. diane smith
    diane smith Says:

    Just saw this cover on ELLEN D. show . the bigfoot track is great ! no kidding I liked it. thank you BUZZ for making me smile today I won’t forget you,

  10. collin
    collin Says:

    Did you hear that dude? You have the same taste as Ellen DeGeneres.

  11. Charlie Pitkin
    Charlie Pitkin Says:

    I knew Buzz Martin when he lived in Elsie, Oregon, we even sang together when he
    played at the Elderberry Inn along hwy. 26. I have most of his tapes but would
    really like to find out about his life in general. I miss the old coot. He also sang
    with Rod Wilson and I believe he sang Whispering Pines. Can you please help me find
    out more info.

  12. andrew
    andrew Says:

    my dad and buzz worked together for yrs. had all his songs on lp when growing up. but the albums are gone none due to an estranged brother. sure miss the songs that was given to my father by buzz himself.

  13. Kenneth Yucha
    Kenneth Yucha Says:

    If anyone is wishing to obtain Buzz’s music, contact his son Steve Martin in Lebannon Oregon. He has all his dad’s music rights and has produced cd’s of his dad’s original music.

  14. Ken Cartwright
    Ken Cartwright Says:

    I worked a half dozen music jobs with Buzz in the 1970′s. Never a dull moment when working a gig with him. He had great stories and was a great story. I’m working on a special about Buzz and would like to hear some stories that you might have about him. Please send them to We will air the stories on in the near future. His son, Steve, gave me a few things that have not been released that we might share with our listeners. Hope you can join us. KENC

  15. Ken B
    Ken B Says:

    I had all of his albums. Favorite saong was “Whistle Punk Pete”

  16. shirley gregg
    shirley gregg Says:

    dad worked with buzz martin when buzz and biscuit lived up five rivers . i would love to talk to his son steve about getting some of his dads music

  17. Colinda Schroeder
    Colinda Schroeder Says:

    Still trying to contact you Steve, for our father’s were friends and your father Buzz sang at my father’s (Earl Schroeder’s) funeral July 24, 1975. My dad was killed falling a tree.

  18. Justin R
    Justin R Says:

    I’ve always loved listening to Buzz. He’s my grandmas cousin and was raised with his music. I’ve never been around the Martin’s though. if any family sees this.:)

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    20 Completely Unbelievable Vintage Record Covers | Says:

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  20. Nancy
    Nancy Says:

    When I was growing up in Five Rivers OR I was friends with Buzz’s daughter Cindy I remember the community getting together for barn dances and raising money to send Buzz to Nashville. I went back home in August and drove past their house and it brought back so many memories. He used to play all the time at the Iron Kettle in Waldport Or.

  21. Ruth Andrus Eivers
    Ruth Andrus Eivers Says:

    I grew up in Vernonia and both of my brothers had logging business”s there. Bob and Bill Andrus. My brother Bob sang and played guitar and loved drinking beer so there is a good possibility that they knew each other. I also had a friend Bob Borders who also had a logging business there. His family now reside in Lebonan , Oregon.

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