the Gaylords sing American Hits in Italian

Promo LP, The Gaylords sing American Hits in Italian

The Gaylords

sing American Hits in Italian

Mercury Records
MG 20620

12″ Promotional LP

 Yakety Yak [1:55m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (569)

The Gaylords singing American Hits in Italian make me bust a gut almost every time. But this record kind of rocks too. In foreign covers a few things are definitely lost in translation, but to our bored ears that can mean something totally new and fresh in the almost accidental reinvention of these worn-out songs.

I remember traveling Europe about 10 years ago. Everywhere we went there were played-out American hits on the radio; in grocery stores, in buses… everywhere. At one point we took what we thought was going to be a bus, but turned out to be a van; my friends and I piled in alongside a mysterious old man that was accompanied by who we conjectured could only have been a hooker (being half his age and not seeming to get enough of him, even as tightly sandwhiched as we were). Our driver immediately popped in a beat-up cassette tape, with enthusiasm that he had the perfect soundtrack for us, and soon the speakers were blaring, “Hit the Road Jack.” At the time it was like nails on a chalkboard.

Later in the trip I remember seeing a local live band performing in a street plaza – playing nothing but American hits, but in their native tongue. I wouldn’t say I was won over to the idea of America’s widespread pop cultural influence (delayed as it may be), but suddenly, it didn’t have quite the same aggravating effect. I found it strangely enjoyable, and was intrigued by the bizzarre dissonance between setting and sounds; well-known hits distorted by foreign tongues.


Yakety Yak
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Witch Doctor
All Shook Up
Oh Lonesome Me
Blueberry Hill

Charlie Brown
I’m Walkin’
Only You
Tom Dooley

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