If You Turn On

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“IF YOU TURN ON,” a KNXT television broadcast on drug abuse featuring KNXT news anchorman Jerry Dunphy, Caroll Burnett, Greg Morris and Arte Johnson, with comments by medical experts and a group of southern California youngsters.

This recording is edited from the original broadcast of “IF YOU TURN ON,” presented on April 1, 1970.

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Produced by KNXT – Channel 2 CBS
6121 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

The drug abuse problem has reached epidemic proportions. The community is worried. The hooked generation is defensive. Everyone has his opinions, his prejudices, and his theories when it comes to the subject of drugs.
What are the myths? What are the truths?

Following are the results of the special survey commissioned by KNXT to determine attitudes and beliefs of a representative sampling of Southern Californians on drugs and drug usage. It was conducted by the Field Research Corporation and submitted to 504 persons eighteen years of age and older.

KNXT Survey on Drugs


1. Marijuana is physically addictive.

  PUBLIC OPINION 50% 33% 17%   EXPERT OPINION 10% 85% 5%

2. Stimulant drugs (such as “pep pills,” “Speed”) are potential killers.

  PUBLIC OPINION 87% 5% 8%   EXPERT OPINION 95% 5% 0%

3. Withdrawal from barbiturates (such as sleeping pills) is more dangerous than heroin withdrawal.

  PUBLIC OPINION 11% 55% 34%   EXPERT OPINION 57% 40% 3%

4. Most youngsters are introduced to drugs by professional pushers.

  PUBLIC OPINION 42% 52% 6%   EXPERT OPINION 5% 95% 0%

5. Hallucinogenic drugs (such as L.S.D.) contribute to creative productivity.

  PUBLIC OPINION 21% 66% 13%   EXPERT OPINION 5% 90% 5%

6. Most young people turn to drugs because it is fashionable.

  PUBLIC OPINION 60% 32% 8%   EXPERT OPINION 57% 32% 11%

7. Marijuana is usually a steppingstone to more dangerous drugs.

  PUBLIC OPINION 86% 11% 3%   EXPERT OPINION 52% 40% 8%

8. Drug abusers can be cured only by changing the society in which they live.

  PUBLIC OPINION 35% 55% 10%   EXPERT OPINION 18% 70% 12%

“The Grand Jury reports that 90% of all juvenile arrests in Los Angeles County are for narcotic related offenses and in the last nine years such arrests have increased by 2,000%”

“I have been arrested because of marijuana. Heavy usage makes you passive, tired and your mind is really spaced out and you just don’t really care about anything…”

“I started drugs at eleven, at ten I started smoking cigarettes and drinking wine, at nine, I started fighting and in the 3rd grade I started robbing the school… I was crying out for help. I wanted somebody to say, ‘Hey man, why are you doing that?’ …I wanted somebody to really care about me.”

“They call them ‘downers,’ the depressants, sleeping pills, barbiturates… reds and yellow jackets …’rainbows’ and ‘blue heaven.’ Colorful names too, but they don’t make for a very colorful life.”

“When you talk about withdrawl… you are talking about the chances of convulsing. I have been busted, put into county jail, and convulsed my 8th day, and I was clean.”

“If You Turn On” was produced by Joseph Landis and written by Kenneth M. Rosen. Jim Johnson served as director. Jay Strong and Mr. Rosen were associate producers, with Susy Westmoreland as production assistant.

Medical authorities appearing on the broadcast were: John C. Kramer, M.D., University of California at Irvine; L. Rudy Broomes, M.D., Director of the drug abuse program at Camarillo State Hospital; Paul Rosenberg, M.D., consultant at the Los Angeles Free Clinic; and Robert H, Eichberg, Co-director of DAWN, Development of Adolescents Without Narcotics.

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“If You Turn On”

  1. RedNeckWreck
    RedNeckWreck Says:

    “If my brain was dripping out my ear, it wouldn’t really matter. I’d just stuff it back in.”

  2. Sean
    Sean Says:

    This is a great find. Thanks for taking the time to share it with everyone. It gives you a glimpse of what the early 70′s were like and the popular drugs of the day. All that and Caroll Burnett.

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