Let's Go! with the Routers

LP cover art of Let's Go! with the Routers - adorned with the name of one Irma a hundred times over.

Let’s Go!

with the Routers

Warner Bros 1490
12″ LP Album

band photo of the Routers

 Grandstand Stomp [2:00m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (368)

 Bucket Seats [2:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (350)

I don’t know what I love more about this record; its cheerleading / pep-rally theme, or the fact that it is adorned with the name of a one “Irma” no less than 27 times. You just don’t see much of that name anymore. According to the book, this blatant disregard for the integrity of the album art would decrease its condition rating from a VG+ to a VG- (effectively cutting the value of the record to 1/4 of its original value). But to me, such carelessness renders this a priceless one-of-a-kind time-capsule of days gone by.

For the longest time I was certain it was Irma who wrote her own name over and over, but on closer consideration of the only other name on the album (in “Irma + Richard”), I wonder now if it could have been Richard who was infatuated with Irma – who just so happened to be a cheerleader! I suppose we might never know. *sigh*

As far as the music goes, I love the simple upbeat hand-clapping, foot-stomping quality of this old-school rock and roll, and the fact that the only lyrics on the entire album are: “Let’s Go!”, “Go, Go, Go!” and to counter any otherwise predictability… “Bucket seats! Bucket seats!”

Irma continues practicing her name on the back cover of the LP.
The “Irma”s continue here on the back of the cover.


Let’s Go
Pep Rally
Limbo Rock
Grandstand Stomp
Bucket Seats

Half Time

Sting Ray
Mating Call
Let’s Dance
Snap Happy
Make It Snappy

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