Miss Lana Rebel : All I Need

album art for and by Miss Lana Rebel
‘All I Need’ LP, album art by Miss Lana Rebel herself.


12″ LP WAN050
Wäntage USA Records

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I usually only present to you here oldschool vintage vinyl, but I’m making an exception for this newly released, yet instantly timeless album. The music of Miss Rebel is so inline with my nostalgic old-western mindset as of late, that this record literally hasn’t left my turntable in the couple weeks since I’ve owned it – with the exception of flipping it from A side to B side and back.

It wasn’t really coincidence that I was horribly hung-over when I first listened to this record (I had purchased it from Lana the night before at the peak of my high on Total Fest), but upon hearing the hung-over heartache in her own lonely voice, it couldn’t have been more appropriate that I was. When you listen to this record, if you’re not awakening squint-eyed and melancholic to the Sunday afternoon sun, you just might yearn to be; Lana’s languid and lulling cowgirl crooning provides a sentimental comfort in the blues.

Lana, herself, describes the music simply as, “Shed those tears, baby. It’ll be all right.”

The album itself is a collector’s item. Only 208 LPs were printed, each numbered and autographed. The beautiful album art was created by Lana herself, and is complete with a handcrafted lyric sheet, full of even more hand-drawn rustic cowboy scenes. From the raw paperboard construction to the hand-stamped spines, this album has a unique DIY, yet very professional flavor.

Hear more from Lana herself:

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‘Loneliest Love Song’ on YouTube:

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Where it all started for Lana:

Little Lana, her sister and cousin at a rehearsal for Honeysuckle Rose.

My dad was a crew member during the filming of Honeysuckle Rose. My first trip on an airplane took us out to Austin for a few weeks where we stayed with Dad at the hotel, and got to meet the band and cast. Pretty neat. I remember dancin on my dad’s feet at that rehearsal. And Paul English riding up on his motorcycle. They were teaching Amy Irving some of the songs for the film. Everyone was so sweet to us. I remember my mom being really happy about how humble they all were, and kind to the crew families. A virtue that I can certainly apreciate now that I’m grown up. Thanks Willie and Family! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Little Lana, sister, mom, and Willie.


Lana Rebel: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Lead and backing Vocals
John Schier: Trap Kit
Chris Coyle: Trap on “When I’m Gone”
Matt Strachota: Rhodes, Dobro, Nylon String Acoustic
Jim Austin: Upright Bass
Pall Jenkins: Saw
Matt Parker: Lap Slide, Electric Guitar

All songs written by Lana Rebel, © 2007
except “Purify” written by Rev. James Jordan, © 2007

Recorded Feb. 2007 at
Stereo Disguise Recording Laboratories
by Pall Jenkins – San Diego, CA
Produced by Pall Jenkins and Lana Rebel
Mastered by Rafter Roberts


Side A:
1. When I’m Gone (3:07)
2. Loneliest Love Song (4:14)
3. You Gotta Wait (3:07)
4. Li’l Bear (3:15)
5. Woke Up One Mornin’ (3:19)
6. Dreaming Of You (2:33)

Side B:
1. Road Song (2:32)
2. Purify (3:16)
3. Blue Song (3:36)
4. Yes Is Better Than No (3:15)
5. All I Need (5:04)

3 Responses to
“Rebel, Miss Lana : All I Need”

  1. larryhere
    larryhere Says:

    Excellent classic country sound. Willie Nelson has had a LOT of impact on us all! And have I mentioned that I’m listening to George Jones a lot these days? And, finally, may I suggest having a listen to Paul Burch, a neotraditionalist country/soul writer and singer out of Nashville?

  2. Lana
    Lana Says:

    Hi-thanks for the kind words! I feel honored to get a review on a mostly vintage website! Then again I feel pretty vintage, myself. Specially around all those young whippersnapper-rockn roll bands out there at Totalfest! When did bands get so dang loud, anyway?! Was sure nice to meet you! Blessings–LR

  3. Josh Wantage
    Josh Wantage Says:

    Muchas gracias for the informative, kind words. I think what drew me most to this record was its immediate timelessness, and in an age of hyperbole, this may seem like a b.s. sales pitch, but I honestly believe this record will be one of the things that my little label is remembered for.


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