Verne Langdon : Music for Magicians

Album cover of Verne Langdon's Music for Magicians LP
Verne Langdon’s Music for Magicians

Electric Lemon, original vinyl LP
Stereo PLP 1913

The sample audio for this album has been removed at the request of Verne Langdon himself.

Thanks anyway Verne.

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Many Thanks,

- Verne Langdon

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1. Opening Fanfare
2. Dante’s Inferno
3. Hypnotique
4. Pandora’s Music Box (Dream Theme)
5. Dance of the Skeletons
6. Thurston’s Marvels
7. Shwebethema Fur Princessin Irene
8. Spirit Symphony
9. Carnival of Souls
10. Closing Fanfare

4 Responses to
“Langdon, Verne : Music for Magicians”

  1. cole
    cole Says:

    “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.”
    ~Tim O’Reilly

  2. Barbara
    Barbara Says:

    I agree that what you were engaged in was promotion. I would love to have heard a sample of Verne Langdon’s music here on this site. The titles are intriguing, but I’m not going to buy it if I can’t hear it first. I’ve been burned before, that is, I paid for music that when I got it home I hated.

  3. Sissy
    Sissy Says:

    verne langdon?… oh, yeah… him.

  4. Your VVR Host
    Your VVR Host Says:

    A website visitor informed me that Verne passed away – some time ago now. R.I.P. Mr. Langdon. It honestly was an honor and a pleasure when you called me up and lectured me about sharing your music online. Please don’t haunt me from the afterlife.

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