Nik Pascal : Zero Gravity

Nik Pascal [aka aka]
Zero Gravity LP album

Electronic Music
Narco Records and Tapes
NR 123 Stereo

© 1975 Nick Raecevic

 Zero Gravity [21:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3588)

Zero Gravity (22:50)

Robot Rock (4:30)
Sounds From The Blue Planet (4:01)
I Q + U = ? (4:03)
Alpha Wave Diffusion (4:09)

Composer and Producer: Nik Raicevic
Cover Design and Photography: Nik Raicevic
Moog Synthesizer Programming: Nik Pascal
ARP 2600 Synthesizer Programming: Nik Pascal
Special Effects: Gypsy Flemming
Engineer: William Elder

Recorded in Hollywood, Calif.
All Compositions Publish by
“Art in Space Music” BMI

8-Track Tapes and Cassettes of this album are available exclusively on Narco Records and Tapes.

This record is incredibly rare, and highly desired by those who know of it.

I held this album in hand, playing it just once for Missoula on last week’s radio broadcast, but I heart-wrenchingly had to part with it, shipping it out to some lucky bastard, rather than keeping it for myself. Shows you the strength of my moral fiber. Now the only available copy of it to be found at the moment is in Sweden, in the Rune Cosmic collection on GEMM, and it’s only €135, which I’m assuming is a lot of $dollars.

There’s not much to be found on this mysterious composer, aside from what a few collectors of obscuro records are saying about him:


-completely obscure electronic music, from a guy from Los Angeles who went by several names (Nik Raicevic, Nik Pascal, Pascal, Nik Pascal Raicevic, Gypsy Flemming) and even appeared on a Rolling Stones album (Goats Head Soup).
[...] loaded with lots of trippy sound effects, use of ring modulation, LFOs, and so much more, sounding like it came off a low-budget sci-fi film. And you can’t argue with an album that had a warning on the shrink wrap that read: “Do not listen to this album if you are stoned”!

Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide:

He made one of his earliest albums on the Buddah label as simply Head, attempting to cash in on the psychedelic drug culture by naming his extended synthesizer noodlings after illegal drugs such as “Cannabis Sativa” — worth a 17-minute album track, no less.

Raicevic eventually put out five albums on his own Narco label after being dumped from Buddah for being too influenced by drugs.

Mimaroglu Music Sales, apparently has the complete Narco recordings (1971 – 1975), on CD, and this to add:

“finally, after a year off, nik drops his last album, “zero gravity,” the side-long title-track working a harmonic-series patch with drizzles of space-dusted echo & miniature alien-tongued white-noise licks”

I’d just say, “Well, I’ll be damned.”

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“Pascal, Nik : Zero Gravity”

  1. CaseyVanKleef
    CaseyVanKleef Says:

    Nik Raicevic.Was way a head of his time.I have spent many days with him,When I was younger.I have 2 of his records.Zero Gravity is one.It is his art work on the records to.If you only could see his large oil paintings.He was the most Inspireing man I have ever come across.He was all so drug free all his life……Love you Niky,Casey

  2. Jack Ruby
    Jack Ruby Says:

    What happened to Nik after Zero Gravity? I’m sure he’s still alive, somewhere in LA, perhaps reading this.

    Nik – You were my inspiration into another dimension of sounds.

  3. Erik Lindgren
    Erik Lindgren Says:

    Saw The Sixth Ear on listed eBay and thought I’d check out Raicevic’s music again (I own 3 of his solo Narco LPs but haven’t spun them for decades). Not sure he was ahead of his time … but I’d say Nick was more right there sonically in the first half of the seventies before synthesizers became polyphonic and commonplace. Nice alien ambience and definitely a curious footnote in electronic music history. His trippy sci-fi artwork is an added bonus–curiously I also have the proggy Locust LP (Anuit Cooeptis) from ’76 which also features his cryptic artwork. It’s definitely maxi-minimalism and I prefer Roger Powell’s “Cosmic Furnace” (Atlantic) which pound for pound has considerably more transistorized analog meat on the bone. But Raicevic definitely executed his unique musical vision and I think a hefty box set and archival booklet with extensive graphics would be a worthy reissue project for some label (Cuneiform?).

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