Sheryl Johnson's Tune Tote

Sheryl Johnson's Tune Tote

These little tune-totes must have been a short-lived trend in the hey-day of 45rpm singles. I was pretty excited to come across this one in an antique store, especially considering it still has what must be the collection of the original owner. The name & address sticker of one Sheryl Johnson plastered on each of the records clued me in. I like to imagine a teenage Sheryl showing off her tune-tote to her friends, or sitting by herself listening to “Johnny Angel” and longing after her latest crush.

While I might never know who you really were, I thank you Sheryl for the time capsule of music. By the way, I’m keeping your nostalgic collection in its rightful place in the tune-tote.

One of Sheryl Johnson's 45rpm singles, carefully marked with her name and address.

UPDATE : Two years after this original post, through the miracle of the modern search engine, Sheryl was vicariously reunited with her tune-tote. She had the following to add to the story:

Yes…I collected the records at the time they came out. If I remember correctly, I would have been around 12-14 years old. I’m now close to 63 years old…born in 1947.

In those days, we could go into a record shop and listen to the record we wanted to buy in a little “sound proof” booth to be sure it was what we wanted to buy. At that age, I primarily bought 45′s rather than LPs due to the limited amount of money I received as my allowance in those days. Yes…those were the original records I carried [in the tune-tote] although I probably “mixed them up” with whatever I was keen to share with friends as we went back and forth between each other’s houses.

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Set List:

The Cadillacs
Woe is Me
45-798 7″ 45rpm Single (Josie)

The Fabulons
Smoke From Your Cigarette
E-1069 7″ 45rpm Single (Ember)

Johnny Duncan
Freddy and his Go-Cart
L-812 7″ 45rpm Single (Leader)

Leroy Vandyke
I Fell in Love With a Pony Tail
45-15503 7″ 45rpm Single (Dot)

LaVern Baker
St. Louis Blues
45-1163 7″ 45rpm Single (Atlantic)

Bob Denton
45-15833 7″ 45rpm Single (Dot)

The Everly Brothers
Wake Up Little Susie
1337 7″ 45rpm Single (Cadence)

Laurie Loman
Johnny Angel
45-10,108 7″ 45rpm Single (ABC-Paramount)

Reed Sherman
Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You
FF-1600 7″ 45rpm Single (Demon)

5 Responses to
“Z!060305 – Sheryl Johnson's Tune Tote”

  1. collin
    collin Says:

    great post! I remember seeing this tune tote when I was at your place, and I was supremely jealous. Later, Collin

  2. RUben
    RUben Says:

    THANK YOU !!!
    4 posting all these treasures
    very kind of you

  3. Sheryl (Johnson) Jensen
    Sheryl (Johnson) Jensen Says:

    Hi…imagine my surprise when I “Googled” myself and found MY “Tune Tote” and old record collection with my Kalispell address sticker on it. =D Brought back many fond memories for sure! When I had to clean out my mother’s house in Missoula, I just didn’t have time to go through “everything” and so hired two ladies who did “estate sales” and had connections with various antique dealers in town. So…that is how it ended up in the antique store… I’m glad you enjoy my little collection and my “Tune Tote” and glad it didn’t end up in the garbage instead. SJ

  4. Larry Here
    Larry Here Says:

    Awesome! I love that Sheryl popped up! And I love that the records that Sheryl listened to back then are on my ipod and appear randomly at times in 2010 in my house. Nice work.

  5. Shauna
    Shauna Says:

    I googled “Tune Tone” because I had a dream last night about the one my BFF Terry had, handed down from her big sister Diane Evans. It was 1966 and we were 6. We used to give concerts in the basement to her mum and neighbours, singing along [we didn't know the word 'lip-synch'] to the 45s on a portable turntable hidden behind the laundry; we charged a nickel admission and felt rich. Diane’s record collection included a lot of late-50s hits: I particularly remember a duet to “26 Miles” by the Four Preps and soloing Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy/Not Fade Away.” I lusted after the Tune Tote, and Terry was damn generous — she still is – and she gave it to me when I moved to Dawson Creek. I added some tunes, like Smoky Robinson “Tears of a Clown” then fast forward to 1978 and my brother the drummer “borrowed” it so his band could work up some covers. It has never been seen again! Mark Harold from Tupper, do you have it? Lucky girl, Sheryl :-)

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