JR Rummel : Lady From Missoula County / Montana Blue

J.R. Rummel 45 single Lady From Missoula County / Montana Blue

Homegrown local Montanan, J.R. Rummel is remembered as an accomplished artist, folk musician and western mythological folklorist. This gritty original folk single is a prime example of his contribution and legacy.

J.R. Rummel

7″ (45rpm) single [Epson Records]
Missoula, MT

Lady From Missoula County

Montana Blue

 Lady From Missoula County [4:27m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3493)

 Montana Blue [4:56m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3429)

These Rummel paintings recently surfaced in Missoula around the same time as the 45 :

“Lady From Missoula County”
J.R. Rummel painting : Lady From Missoula County

“Road to the Buffalo”
J.R. Rummel painting : Road to the Buffalo

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“Rummel, J.R. : Lady From Missoula County / Montana Blue”

  1. Larry Here
    Larry Here Says:

    SO… Who are the backup guys? Is that Dobro Dick on the dobro? I think so… This guy, Rummel, was playing about when I got here in ’78, and I’m sure I saw him play, but I still had too much suburb in me to appreciate his thing… Does the record give any info about the other players?

  2. Ty Nuno
    Ty Nuno Says:

    That’s Tim Ischler on the Dobro. J Rummel was an old friend of mine. Sat up all night many times listening to Flatt and Scruggs and Johnny Cash or Hank Williams and drinking whiskey with J.R.

  3. Nate Biehl
    Nate Biehl Says:

    Are you sure that’s Mr. Ischler? J.R. says “Sing me back home, Dick.”

    Collector, is this piece in the market?

  4. Your VVR Host
    Your VVR Host Says:

    Thanks for the info / speculation everyone. Unfortunately, this one is no longer on the market. Though it’s now out there elsewhere, somewhere… somewhere…

  5. Andrea Woodahl
    Andrea Woodahl Says:

    I am in search of any information regarding J.R. Rummel. I am fascinated by this man and am extremely interested in trying to use not only some of his prints, but possibly some of his music as a permanent fixture in the Montana Harley-Davidson show room here in Missoula. This man’s work embodies everything I am looking to share with not only the tourists that come in from around the country, but also the locals that frequent his facility. His artwork and music capture Missoula and I have had no luck finding information in regards to who may control the use of his prints, or more information about this man in general. I would love it to be a sort of tribute to this local legend. Any information of any kind that could be provided to me would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Erik Ray
    Erik Ray Says:

    Ty Nuno! Are you still alive? Where in tarnation are ye?

    Jay Rummel used to stop by Luke’s Bar and the Top Hat when I played those fabulous dives back in the 1980′s. He liked my act and on two occasions brought me a lithograph of his work. He brought them into the bars rolled up and tied with a piece of twine. He never asked for anything in return, but I always bought him a drink whenever I saw him. He was a true genius and genuinely likeable fellow. Whenever I need inspiration, I look at his work.

  7. Don Kotts
    Don Kotts Says:

    I potted, drank and played guitar with Jay back in the ’60s. Still have a print and a teapot of his at home. Does anyone remember “The Squaws Down on Woody Street”? …stopped in at Handsome Spiders, to have a drink or two. There I met a Blackfoot squaw all dessed up in blue….

  8. Ink Mathematics
    Ink Mathematics Says:

    [...] Lastly, we round it out with a couple of folk tunes, including one by the Legendary Missoula artist JR Rummel. (thanks to VVR for the Mp3!). Hope you are well, [...]

  9. Pete
    Pete Says:

    Have an artist’s proof of “Thunder Buffalo”. Any idea of it’s worth. Didn’t know Jay. Came to Missoula way too late.

  10. Staab
    Staab Says:

    I have two original prints of Jr Rummel’s called the judas decoys they are very interesting pieces signed in pencil by Rummel and numberd 41/120 and 28/120, I was given these by a family member. Does anyone know where i can find info on the prints and the value of them, I can not seem to find much info on the internet.

  11. alley foster
    alley foster Says:

    hey if anyone is looking for a beatiful piece byjay rummel
    im trying to sell a jay rummel 45-200(THE DEVIL AND FIDDLER) IN PERFECT SHAP FRAMED.



  12. Ricia
    Ricia Says:

    I was around when Jay made the record. It was Dobro Dick, I’m pretty sure. I bet his former wife and great friend would know for sure. My copy of this 45 got all warped and I’d sure like to have a digital version of this CD. I danced with the lady is way soulful.

  13. Jay "The Sloth" Rubin
    Jay "The Sloth" Rubin Says:

    Ahh nice to hear Jay’s voice and see a couple of his woodcuts that are new to me. ” These lyrics from “Bob Dylan’s Dream” come to haunt me now as I remember Jay and us (his neighbors at 740 Front St):
    “By the old wooden stove where our hats was hung
    Our words were told, our songs were sung
    Where we longed for nothin’ and were quite satisfied
    Talkin’ and a-jokin’ about the world outside

    With haunted hearts through the heat and cold
    We never thought we could ever get old
    We thought we could sit forever in fun
    But our chances really was a million to one.:
    Thanksgiving dinner, 1965, the big potluck and a caldron
    of “Teton Tea” (whatever was in that joyous brew). Twenty or so
    of “the usuals” paying inour pots and pans circle (later to be jumped-up to
    “drum circles”….singing, laughing…and most of all, being happy we
    had each other for friends. It was our family….and O how I miss them.

  14. Thomas P Rummel
    Thomas P Rummel Says:

    i always love learning more about my uncle. I was fortunate enough to meet him but was too young to truly understand his impact in the artistic world. All the Make Rummels definitely have that ol’ Coyote streak deep inside. I’m certainly no different. Cheers.

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