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Guestbook Entries

Jane sez:

Thank you, Great Service and speedy delivery!
(Buzz Martin, the Singing Logger LP)

Paul (proud new owner of the Super Dupers’ LP) sez:

Thanks for a great transaction. I appreciate your fast, trustworthy and reliable
service. You keep great communication with your customers. Best wishes! The record
is great!

enosp sez:

Tar-nation this is the best collection of digitalized vinyl on the whole ding dang internet. Thank you master selektor for making this stuff available. Sake soaked wishes from rainy Japan.

dwbl sez:

just found dial-a-poem – nova connection (i was on a burroughs kick). first google result was here. totally bookmarked.

Collin sez:

Your site is looking dope…great write-ups and info

Kwasi Brakoh sez:

i went to communicate spirit to help me my works

Sam Cummins sez:

good stuff – Thanks

DJ Duclock sez:

Really Great, thanks to VVR my november rainy day will not be without music!

Tinitus sez:

Hey! Thanks a lot for this amazing collection man! What you did here is amazing, me and a lot of internauts from around the globe are so thank full.
Cheers from Uruguay!

Lana Rebel sez:

Hi-thanks for the kind words! I feel honored to get a review on a mostly vintage website! Then again I feel pretty vintage, myself. Specially around all those young whippersnapper-rockn roll bands out there at Totalfest! When did bands get so dang loud, anyway?! Was sure nice to meet you! Blessings–LR

the Wolf Howells sez:

Hi, I just wanted to say that I think you’re pretty cool. I’ve thought that for a long time.

Ruben sez:

4 posting all these treasures
very kind of you

Kara sez:

awesome site it’ll take me awhile to explore this one!
thanks for stopping by mine.
i’ll add a link w/ next update.
and when i finish listening to everything here

Javi sez:

Great site. I like too much the sound of the oldies in vinyl. Nice surprise!
Cheers from Spain!!

Odo sez:

Hi, Nice web site. The down load is much appreciated and fun to listen to. I will return here more often.

Irma sez:

Dear VVR,
You really suck.