#051225 X-mas Ambience

Album art from the Randolph Singers LP : Christmas Carols on Westminster Hi-Fi
Album art from the Randolph Singers LP : Christmas Carols Vol. 1 on Westminster Hi-Fi

 VVR Mix # 051225 [1:02:09m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3499)

Slightly edited (shortened) from the original broadcast on KBGA on Christmas day in 2005, which was an attempt to create an atmospheric background suitable for the holidays, no matter how commercial they may be. Probably one of the more free-form and experimental of the vinyl-only sessions I had in the days of FM, this was a live spontaneous mix, utilizing and layering up to a total of four turntables at any given time – plus a wee echo pedal on occasion. Due to the chaos of the original broadcast and multiplicity of the recording, there is no official play-list for this set. I hope you enjoy, especially as a background, and with friends and family …and never mind that half-way through someone might be asking, “What kind of F’d up crap are we listening to exactly, and what’s with the whales?” Yeah, just tell them Merry Christmas for me.

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“Z!051225 – X-mas Ambience”

  1. Fennis
    Fennis Says:

    Sounds like “A Current 93 X-mas”!

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