#060719 - Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads

Album art from Ann Corio LP “How to Strip for Your Husband – Music to Make Marriage Merrier”

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“Come, share this exciting intimacy from the very beginning. Enter into a world of perpetual delight, enriched by a joyous and fulfilling sex life…”

Set List:

The Way to Become The Sensuous Woman
12″ LP Album (Atlantic)

Gert Wilden & Orchestra
(Die Fleissigen Bienen Vom Fröhlichen Bock) Stadt und Land
Schulmädchen /
Schoolgirl Report & Other Music from Sexy German Films (1968 – 1972)
12″ LP Nude Picture Album (Bop Biz)
Crippled Dick Hot Wax

Art Linkletter
The Sperm
Art Linkletter Narrates the Story of “Where Did You Come From?”
12″ LP Album (20th Century Fox) 1963

John & Jackie
Little Girl
Take It Off
Las Vegas Grind Volume 1 – Sleazy, Cheesy, Bad
12″ LP Comp (Strip)

Ann Corio
Orchestra Conducted by Sonny Lester
Bumps and Grinds
How to Strip for Your Husband – Music to Make Marriage Merrier
12″ LP Album (Roulette)

I’m a Virgin, but I’m on the Verge
Hot Pepper
Spicy Songs Sung by Faye Richmonde, Saul T. Peter, Angelina, Miss Dee and Nancy Steele
12″ LP Comp (Beacon)

Maggie Jones
Good Time Flat Blues
Memphis Minnie
Hustlin’ Woman Blues
Streetwalking Blues
12″ LP Comp (Stash)

Debbie Drake
Exercise #4
How to Keep Your Husband Happy
Look Slim! Keep Trim! Exercise Along with Debbie Drake
12″ LP Album (Epic)

Faye Richmond
You Ought to See her Box
Hot Pepper

Faye Richmond
I Want a Man to Gimme Some Luck
A Little Spice
12″ LP Album (Davis) 1957

Judy Andraws
You’re Playin’ With It, If You Shake It More Than Once
Slip it to me Inch by Inch

My Bare Lady
12″ LP Album (Beacon)

Debbie Drake
Exercise #7

Billy Devroe and The Devilaires
In Your Prime
12″ LP Album (Tampa Records)

Saul T. Peter
Oooo Have I Got Hot Nuts For You!
Hot Pepper

Oscar Brand
Winnipeg Whore
Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol. II
12″ LP Album (Audio Fidelity)

Oscar Brand
Roll Your Leg Over
Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol. III
12″ LP Album (Audio Fidelity)

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“Z!060719 – Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads”

  1. james
    james Says:

    This really is raunchy stuff, I was surprised. haha Good show! <3 Happy Valentines day to all!

  2. Stine
    Stine Says:

    Hi, amazing playlist! Is it possible to download it somewhere?

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