#061025A - Watusi Zombie

Back cover album photo from Las Vegas Grind LP
Back cover album photo from Las Vegas Grind LP

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Set List:

Baby Sticks and the Kingtones
Jungle Exotica
12″ LP Compilation (Strip)

Franky Stein and his Ghouls
Dr. Spook
Monster Melodies
12″ LP Album (Power Records)

Tarantula Ghoul
King Kong
Las Vegas Grind – Volume One
A Steamin’ Traipse Thru Tropical Exotica
Sleazy, Cheesy, Bad
12″ LP Compilation (Strip) 001

John Zachdile
Dinner with Drac
Funny Bone Favorites
12″ LP Compilation (Ronco Teleproducts) © 1978

Jan Davis
Watusi Zombie
Jungle Exotica
12″ LP Compilation (Strip) 005

7 Responses to
“Z!061025A – Watusi Zombie”

  1. Tinitus
    Tinitus Says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot for this amazing collection man! What you did here is amazing, me and a lot of internauts from around the globe are so thank full.
    Sorry we didnt comment this one before ;D
    Cheers from Uruguay!

  2. dj duclock
    dj duclock Says:

    Really Great, thanks to VVR my november rainy day will not be without music !

  3. Chandu
    Chandu Says:

    This is a fantastic mix. I downloaded it for Halloween and fell in love with it. Thanks very much.

  4. mark
    mark Says:

    YIPEEE! Can we interview you on our radio show with a SPECIAL PLAY LIST?? Great collection!!!

  5. Vintage Vinyl Revival
    Your VVR Host Says:

    Mark, I’d be honored. I’ll be in touch to see what we can arrange.

  6. Chris
    Chris Says:

    Awesome collection thanks. I think the name of the first song is actually Pigmy though, not Pig Meat.


  7. Vintage Vinyl Revival
    Vintage Vinyl Revival Says:

    Thanks Chris, and it sure looks to be Pigmy on the single. I bet the folks at STRIP records were just having fun when they made up this cover, as it says Pig Meat here.

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