#080214 - Sweet Nothings

Scene from Dick Clark's American Bandstand.
Scene from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

 VVR Mix # 080214 [23:40m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3163)

Set List:

The Deacons
The Baldy Stomp
7″ 45 RPM Single (Re-Car)

Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps
I Got It
7″ 45 RPM Single (Capitol)

Don Dell and the Monterays
Honey Doll
Kicksville! Raw Rockabilly Acetates
Volume 2
12″ LP Compilation (Norton)

The Crickets
I’m Lookin’ for Someone to Love
7″ 45 RPM Single (Brunswick)

Brenda Lee
Sweet Nothings
Dick Clark
20 Years of Rock and Roll
12″ LP Compilation (Buddah)

Elvis Presley
Treat Me Nice
7″ 45 RPM Single (RCA Victor)

The Swinging Blue Jeans
Shaking Feeling
Hippy Hippy Shake
12″ LP Album (Imperial)

The Browns
featuring the Three Bells
Dream On (She’ll Break Your Heart)
Sweet Sounds by the Browns
12″ LP Album (RCA Victor)

Thurston Harris
Little Bitty Pretty One
7″ 45 RPM Single (Aladdin)

Clyde Gary and his Orchestra
Cherry Pie
7″ 45 RPM Single (Brent)

The Diamonds
For You Alone
The Diamonds
America’s No. 1 Song Stylists
12″ LP Album (Mercury)

5 Responses to
“Z!080214 – Sweet Nothings”

  1. collin
    collin Says:

    You go with some soft sweet nothings and I take the hard road of heartbreak…we should have combined forces for one ultimate A & B side mixtape for VD. This mix you have here looks dope, I’m a gonna get it!

  2. Your VVR Host
    Your VVR Host Says:

    Alright, well I guess I’ve got the A-side (soft sweet nothings) covered here, for anyone looking for the B-side (hard road of heartbreak), be sure to check out Collin’s complimenting Valentine post at Ink Mathematics : http://inkmathematics.uctiv.net/?p=109

  3. Carly Madson
    Carly Madson Says:

    Hey, great set man! You rock! Viva la VVR!

  4. Javi
    Javi Says:

    Great site. I like too much the sound of the oldies in vinyl. Nice surprise!
    Cheers from Spain!!

  5. Timmytoogood
    Timmytoogood Says:

    Sweet! The picture is righteous too.

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