#080318RE2 - No Good Woman

Evil Woman

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It still doesn’t quite fit my mood – at the moment women don’t seem entirely evil – but for some of you, perhaps they do. As promised, remixed set #2 from the recent live session at the Palace Billiards DJ Lounge:

Set List:

Bob Taylor
After Hours
Las Vegas Grind!
Sleazey, Cheesey, Bad
A Steamin’ Traipse Thru Tropical Exotica
12″ LP Comp (Strip) 001

Vince Murphy and the Catalinas
Evil Eye
Kicksville! Raw Rockabilly Acetates
Volume 4
12″ LP Comp (Norton) ED 320

Jungle Exotica
12″ LP Comp (Strip) 005

The Music of David Seville
Don’t Whistle At Me Baby
F-55132 reverse: Witch Doctor
7″ 45rpm Single (Liberty) LB-835

Ray Stevens
Further More
1,837 Seconds of Humor
12″ LP Album (Mercury) MG 20732

Rockin’ Sydney
No Good Woman
Oldies A Go Go
Volume 3
12″ LP Comp (Somerset) MI-24100

Clyde Mcphatter
Raining In My Heart
Golden Blues Hits
12″ LP Album (Mercury) MG 20655

Fats Domino
Tired of Crying
Rock and Rollin’ With Fats Domino
12″ LP Album (Imperial) 9004

The Ventures
Harlem Nocturne
The Ventures
12″ LP Album (Dolton) BLP-2004

Džo Maračić Maki
Ja Se Opet Vraćam Kući
Vraćam Se Kući
12″ LP Album (Jugoton) LSY 61295 [Made in Yugoslavia]

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  1. kara
    kara Says:

    awesome site it’ll take me awhile to explore this one!
    thanks for stopping by mine.
    i’ll add a link w/ next update.
    and when i finish listening to everything here

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    no uh Says:


  3. Vintage Vinyl Revival — Maračić Maki, Džo : Vraćam Se Kući
    Vintage Vinyl Revival — Maračić Maki, Džo : Vraćam Se Kući Says:

    [...] even gave it a spin at a live DJ outing recently. Not long after posting the recording of that set [Z!080318RE2 - No Good Woman], being at the top of limited google results for the album, I was contacted by one James Jajac, [...]

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