#080926 - Tonight We're Gonna Rock

KBGA just had it’s annual Birthday Bash and on this, their 12th birthday, they had a 50′s theme party. You bet I was glad to DJ, offering up my old-school rock & roll records. Heck, some boppers even got up and danced.

People had on some pretty slick get-ups, and the greasers fully represented.

Thanks to the headliner, Monotonix, the night ended up being quite possibly the greatest night of Rock & Roll I’ve ever experienced. The Bugs went on after I played this here DJ set, but I think I lost a bit of respect for them (not really) when they yelled over the mic, “Fuck the fifties.” People in the fifties were the first to actually rock – actually Rock and Roll – and for the most part I don’t think anybody has really rocked that much harder since then, until Monotonix.

Unfortunately, due to a bad setting, I didn’t get a good recording of the tag-team set Collin and I did before Monotonix, which worked the crowd into a frenzy. Ok, well, not really. They were bored and impatient, so they probably would have danced to anything. Anyway, here’s my set. Sorry, no Buddy Holly, no Duane Eddy, but nevertheless, enjoy.

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Set List:

Ron Haydock & the Boppers
This is Lonnie Lord
You’re Running Wild

99 Chicks
12″ LP Album (Norton Records) ED 247

Diggin’ Out
20 Surf Blasts with the: Illusions, Vistas, GoldTones, Avengers VI, Chevells, Lonely Ones, Gestics and more!
12″ LP Comp (Mr. Manicotti) MM329

The Debonnaires
High Wall
Battle of the Beat
A document from Hollywood’s 1963 Teen Fair featuring Eddie & The Showmen and 15 other Surf Bands.
12″ LP Comp (Teen-age Fair)

Everly Brothers
Bird Dog
15 Everly Hits
12″ LP Album (Cadence) CLP 25062

Continental Cousins
Kana Kapila
Jungle Exotica
12″ LP Comp (Strip) 005

The Gaylords Sing American Hits in Italian
All Shook Up
12″ LP Album (Mercury) MG-20620
[Promotional Record for Broadcast Only]

Johnny Hallyday Sings America’s Rockin’ Hits
12″ LP (Philips) PHS 600-019

Johnny Burnette
Crazy Date
Rock & Roll Demos Volume 1
12″ LP (Norton Records) ED-308

Unknown Flipster
Tonight We’re Gonna Rock
Kicksville! Raw Rockabilly Acetates
Volume 1
12″ LP Comp (Norton Records) ED 277

Walter Brown and the Wildcats
Cherry Lou
Kicksville! Raw Rockabilly Acetates
Volume 2
12″ LP Comp (Norton Records) ED 291

Eddie Cochran
Skinny Jim
Great Hits
12″ LP (Liberty Records) LN 10204

Johnny and The Hurricanes
Johnny and The Hurricanes featuring Red River Rock
12″ LP Album (Warwick) W2007
[A Division of United Telefilm Records, Inc.]

Bill Haley and the Comets
House Rockin’ Baby
Rock and Roll Dance Party
12″ LP Album (Somerset) P-1300

Tic & Toc
Jibba Jab
Las Vegas Grind
12″ LP Album (Somerset) P-1300

Bill Haley and his Comets
B.B. Betty
Bill Haley’s Chicks
12″ LP Album (Brunswick) STA 3011

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