#090112 - Don't Fence Me In

Album cover photo, Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood sings Cowboy Favorites

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Here’s a recent set I mixed on the airwaves of KBGA. I was recently listening to this first track, Tall Dark Stranger, as I rolled through a spooky old town in the boonies, real slow like, admiring an old saloon and some other pleasantly dilapidated scenery. It was a perfect soundtrack, as I could sense the local eyes upon me, wary of the tall dark stranger I was, riding into their territory.

Next in this set is a prideful local tune by LeGrande Harvey, which is the Montana State ballad apparently. I love coming across these old local musicians like this, and the relatively obscure productions they’ve left behind. Such is really the case with this small production album from Rojay North. It’s sad to think it was probably never widely appreciated in its time, except by a few country boys up in the Panhandle of Idaho, but I’d say the songs on this album are some of the most authentic straight-from-the-heart country songs of the early 80′s. Wherever you are now Rojay, you’ve been rediscovered here, and what can I say? Right on man, right on.

Then I managed to fit in some Dave Van Ronk, of whom I haven’t been able to get too much of lately, but interestingly can’t fit into any one genre. That I stuck him right into the middle of a western honky-tonk set says something of his versatility.

Next is a quirky number from Ferlin Husky that fulfills both my craving for novelty, and expresses my sentiments for hillbilly western music. Then we have Louisiana’s Vin Bruce, who I don’t fully understand (in more ways than one), but was apparently the first to record Cajun music in Nashville. Then, if things weren’t novel enough, what says classic cowboy better than Clint Eastwood himself, and singing no less?! We finish this set off here with a great live recording of the early seventies from the Kerrville Folk Festival in the heart of Texas.

I hope this is all country enough for all you good ol’ boys.
Keep the greenhorns out of the country, and don’t fence me in!

Set List:

Tony Treece
Tall Dark Stranger
The Nashville Scene
Tall Dark Stranger and other Country and Western Favorites
12″ 33rpm Album (Crown) CST 599

LeGrande Harvey
Montana Melody
7″ 45rpm Single
(Stark Mountain Music / Bear Paw Records) BP 001 Missoula, MT
[Special Thanks to: Marietta and Bob Pfister and the Bonner School Singers, Shirley Hager, Dean Williams, Art Lindstrom, and Clay Lewis.]

Rojay North
Prichard Idaho
Keep on Singing (and other thoughts)
12″ 33rpm Album
1981, Cherry Pie Records (Div. of Rojay North Enterprises)

Dave Van Ronk
Random Canyon
Van Ronk
12″ 33rpm Album (Polydor) 24-4052

Ferlin Husky
Good Ole Country Music is Here to Stay
12″ 33rpm Album (Phonorama) PR 5558

Louisiana’s Vin Bruce
I’m a Poor Hobo
Louisiana Cajun Songs
12″ 33rpm Album (Swallow) LP-6006

Clint Eastwood
Don’t Fence Me In
Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites
12″ 33rpm Album (Cameo) C-1056

Ray Wiley Hubbard with The Cowboy Twinkies
Terry Joe Ware, guitar; Clovis Roblane, mellotron; Jim Herbst, drums
West Texas Country Western Dance Band
Rod Kennedy Presents Kerrville Folk Festival
12″ 33rpm Album / PSG No. 53
1974 Highlights Recorded “Live” at Kerrville, Texas
Special Limited Edition Recording Sponsored by Chas. Schreiner Bank

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“Z!090112 – Don't Fence Me In”

  1. Timmy Toogood
    Timmy Toogood Says:

    Pshew, good ones! I used to sing Random Canyon with Coco & Dot and The Zipperhead. It was a crowd tickler. I think Eastwood made a wise career decision moving on from Western music.

  2. kelsi
    kelsi Says:

    I was on the phone with my dad when you played that Rojay North a couple weeks ago. I told him there was a song about Prichard on the radio – we know some people from someplace near there that’s so small it’s named after their grocery store – and he said, “There’s not much to Prichard.” 1981? Hmm.

  3. James Jajac
    James Jajac Says:

    This stuff is amazing as always! Is there a way I can subscribe to updates?

  4. Your VVR host
    Your VVR host Says:

    Thanks James!! You can subscribe via email updates at http://vintagevinylrevival.com/subscriptions/ or if you’re savvy to RSS, at http://vintagevinylrevival.com/feed/

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