#100328 - Pum Pum A Go Kill You

Millie Small
Little Millie Small poses for the bizarre album cover of “Time Will Tell.”

Known for her only big hit, “My Boy Lollipop,” in this set Millie sings her not-so-well-known and much less universally appealing “White Boys.”

 VVR Mix # 100328 [26:46m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2182)

One of my favorite styles of Jamaican music is the somewhat confusing genre of ‘skinhead reggae‘ (so-called for its popularity among British skinheads). This was early reggae (reggae before reggae), which – in the grand timeline of an incredibly dynamic development of Jamaican music – came just after the development of ska and the short-lived rocksteady beat (1966-68), and preceded the actual ‘reggay’ movement that quickly became saturated with Rastafarian influences. My favorite skinhead tunes are the ones that contain off-kilter lyrics, bizarre spoken-word, or strange vocalizations –- such as the ska ‘hiccup’ or ‘get-em-up’ effect, as I like to call it.

In this set (selected from the original Roots Rally Sound System broadcasts) skinhead reggae collides with soul, quirky little numbers and oddball lyrics dominate, and a strange theme surrounding inter-racial relationships and deadly female genitalia begins to emerge.


Set List:

Judge Dred
Big 8
Don’t Call me Ska Face Vol. 2

Dice the Boss
Tea House from Emperor Rosko
Dancehall ’69 – 40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities

Roland Alphonso
Zapatoo the Tiger
Calypso Favorites

Count Matchuki
Movements (the Joe Gibbs Way)
Joe Gibbs: Love of the Common People

White Boys
Time Will Tell

John Holt
Sister Big Stuff

Lee Perry
Wind Up Doll
the Compiler Vol. 1

Girlie and Jomo
African Meeting
Lochness Monster

Prince Buster
Pum Pum A Go Kill You
Wreck A Pum Pum

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“Z!100328 – Pum Pum A Go Kill You”

  1. Millie
    Millie's Mom Says:

    Millie, just where do you think you’re rowing dressed like that!!? Go ahead, see how far you get on a fucking banana.

  2. collin
    collin Says:

    This is totally rad shit! Great mix of stuff I’ve never heard before! You sure you want to sell that vinyl?

  3. houseofreggae
    houseofreggae Says:


  4. enosp
    enosp Says:

    Tar-nation this is the best collection of digitalized vinyl on the whole ding dang internet. Thank you master selektor for making this stuff available. Sake soaked wishes from rainy Japan.

  5. collin
    collin Says:

    Listening to this again….”white boys” is totally unreal! That is insanity!

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