#100618 - Hillbilly Hootenanny, LIVE on Satan+Sunshine

Tim O'Reilly, bass player for Gary Burgess - back cover photo from 'Hillsides & Honkytonks' LP
Tim O’Reilly, bass player for Gary Burgess – back cover photo from ‘Hillsides & Honkytonks’ LP

The Vintage Vinyl Revival goes LIVE on WKE, Portland’s own Satan & Sunshine Radio Hour, modulatin’ & jawjackin’ with DJ Furnace and slingin’ some good ol’ hillbilly hootenanny & honky-tonk! Mercy day sakes alive!!

 VVR Mix # 100618 [1:02:14m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (2771)

Promotion flier for Satan & Sunshine special hillbilly broadcast with the Vintage Vinyl Revival.

After one DJ Furnace took a liking to the V.V.R., I was invited to put together a special playlist and get on the horn with the Satan & Sunshine show. This is a slightly edited version of the full show; trimmed down, rebalanced, remixed, and including a couple bonus tracks that were initially lost due to complications with those durned technological devices of modern day radio. I guess you still can’t beat the reliability of a turntable and a vinyl biscuit.

THANKS a million to Satan & Sunshine radio for the recognition and air-time.

Be sure to stop by their digs for loads of good music, video & sinful entertainment;
Satan & Sunshine Radio Hour


* (DJ Furnace’s selections)

Chet Atkins
Red Wing *

Jed and Granny Clampet
Winston Cigarette Commercial *

Ray Brand
Devils House *

Henry Flynt
Back Porch Hillbilly Blues, Volume 1

Buzz Martin, the Singing Logger
Butterin’ Up Biscuit
A Logger Finds An Opening

Richard & Jim
Them Poems
Two Boys From Alabama

Mountain Dew Commercial *

Junior Samples
Doggone (My Dog’s Gone)

Cledus Maggard & the Citizen’s Band
C.B. Lingo Dictionary
The White Knight

The Blue Boys
Soakin’ Up Suds
Live In Person

The Milo Twins
Johnson To Jones *

Gary Burgess
The Laundromat Song
Hillsides & Honkytonks

Tennessee Earnie Ford and Ella Mae Morse
Hog-Tied Over You *

Red Sovine
Colorado Cool-Aid *

Leroy Pullins
I’m Killing Myself
I’m A Nut

Rojay North
You’re The Shit of My Life
Keep on Singin’ (and Other Thoughts)

Henry Flynt
Blue Sky, Highway, & Tyme
Back Porch Hillbilly Blues, Volume 1

Roscoe Holcomb
Moonshiner *

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“Z!100618 – Hillbilly Hootenanny, LIVE on Satan+Sunshine”

  1. Timmytoogood
    Timmytoogood Says:

    Flippin Awesome!

  2. collin
    collin Says:

    Nice show dude! You had some good picks there, definitely. Weird and funny to hear your voice beaming through the computer.

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